Golden Milk 2.5 lb


*Newly Re-formulated* Due to popular customer demand we have removed the coconut sugar and replaced with monk fruit to keep the sweet taste. We also now utilize a freeze dried turmeric juice powder, whole saffron, and black pepper extract. 

A delicious hot drink made with Coconut Milk and our potent full spectrum extracted herbs and whole spices. These herbs may support brain function, immunity, mood, energy, circulation, digestion, sleep, and hormones. The key herbal adaptogens in this formula help your body adapt to whatever stressors you may experience in your journey through life. These herbs may be particularly supportive of the neurotransmitters, concentration levels, joints, and assisting the body with maintaining healthy inflammation levels.  

Usage: Add 2-3 Tb to 8-12oz hot water or tea. Optional: Add 1 Tb. Grass-Pastured Ghee for the most traditional Golden Milk experience.

Turmeric Root is the main herb in this formula. In order to get the best absorption, turmeric is traditionally combined with a fat source such as Ghee or Coconut Milk. These fats also allow the body to assimilate the herbs at a slower rate so that they have a longer activity within the body. †

Nutrition Facts: 2Tb. (15g): Calories 100; from fat 70, Total Fat 9g, Sat Fat 5g, Carbs 4g, Fiber 1g, Sugar 1g, Protein 2g.