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Thoughtful Thursday with Coach Joe, CHC

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Every THURSDAY Evening from 600 P.M. – 730 P.M at Raw Revelations.

Upcoming Events in JUNE 2018

JUNE 7, 2018 - HEALTHY HOME DETOX – So much of what we live within our environment is creating many of the health conditions we are suffering from as a society.  Learn to identify the common areas within your home that can create concerns and issues and the healthy habits on how to develop a better relationship with the place you call Home.  

JUNE 14, 2018 – HUMANS MEET THE FUTURE OF FOOD – There is so much debate and discussion that should happen around the topic of genetic manipulation and splicing within the Food Industry before you begin to have global concerns and issues. Synthetic Vitamins, Laboratory Created Viruses, and Cell Phone Zombies makes Real Life Like a Horror Film Gone Very Wrong!

JUNE 21, 2018 – TIME TO GET JUICEY – Ever wonder why juice cleanse packages leave you hungry and wishing you had more nutritional support?  Learn three great juice recipes with amazing superfood additions for your next cleanse.  Join the 2 Week Challenge Cleanse Begins on June 30, 2018.

JUNE 28, 2018 – HEAL THY THYROID: HOLISTIC CARE AND HEALING – It can be done.  This lecture is the gateway to creating a personal program for anyone currently suffering or concerned about their potential of developing thyroid issues.  1 person in 8 suffers with undiagnosed and unrecognized thyroid dysfunction that can be managed better with holistic options.