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Raw Revelations


Thoughtful Thursday with Coach Joe, CHC

The best place to get the most current healthy living advice, tips, and information.


Every THURSDAY Evening from 600 P.M. – 730 P.M at Raw Revelations.

MARCH 22, 2018 – 5 Simple Steps to Natural Living – It is the simple steps that are easiest to follow and they begin with your everyday choices. From the way we breathe, what we drink, how we eat and some basic healthy rituals you can become a shining example of health.

MARCH 29, 2018 – No Class – SPRING BREAK

APRIL 5, 2018 – Power Greens –There is a remarkable way to get all the benefits of pure green powder plant proteins, minerals, alkaloids, and polyphenols to expand your healthy lifestyle beyond just salad.

APRIL 12, 2018 – Epidemics and Your Health – Mass Hysteria has become the standard for mainstream news, however there are some serious considerations to be prepared in your home for potential outbreaks of viruses

APRIL 19, 2018 – BERRIES, BERRIES, BERRIES – Superberries do more for our bodies to heal than any other food type. The colors that are available show the power inside each amazing plant and it can be the best health promoting nutrition you need in your journey to health.

APRIL 26, 2018 - The Diabetic Dilemma – Glucose balance is something that very few individuals know much about even though our bodies are struggling with this every day. We will learn 7 solid tips for walking the line on healthy blood sugar.