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Thoughtful Thursday with Coach Joe, CHC

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Every THURSDAY Evening from 600 P.M. – 730 P.M.

Upcoming Events in JULY 2017


JULY 6, 2017- SPROUTING YOUR HEALTH – We will go over some of the issues within the sprouting world. Like, selecting the right blend for your body and health concerns. Should you be sprouting with soil? What does it mean to sprout a nut before eating them, and Why?

JULY 13, 2017 – ITS ALL ABOUT METHYLATION – The new scary monster of the 21st century that was created, like most monsters, in a lab of the Human Genome Project is MTHFR c677t and MTHFR A1298C. Many people are getting the test. Then discovering the results and like most people do, they see the monster, scream, and RUN!!!

JULY 20, 2017– SUPERFOOD COMPLEXION Rashes, Eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, hives, and anything else your skin is telling you can help guide your healing journey and move into stronger focus of self-care. You are not what you eat, but you are going to look like how you eat. Junk foods, stuck liver, slow bowel will all create the routine skin irritations. It is time to look AMAZING!!

JULY 27, 2017 – KEEP YOUR ORGANS: – One of the greatest tools of the allopathic medicine system is THE SCAPAL!! The routine surgeries that people are having involve the tonsils, (largest lymph node of the human body), Thyroid (Central Processing Unit of Hormones and Blood Regulation), Gall Bladder (Produces the compound lipase to digest fats), intestines (nutrient absorption, hydration balance) and Appendix (Regeneration Site for Probiotics). Each of those items sound lyso very important to me.