Chyawanprash 4oz


Chyawanprash is an ancient, at least 5,000 years old, Vedic functional food recipe. It consists of a jam like mixture of fresh Amla berries, Jaggery, Honey, Ghee, and herbs. It is the most popular dietary supplement in India. We present to you a superior quality, delicious chyawanprash formulated exclusively for the North American people using 28 ethically harvested and /or wild-crafted herbs. It is made according to ancient principles and has a wonderful flavor. It is a great way to curb a sweet tooth when used as a snack and will balance all body types. Chyawanprash may support healthy digestion, immune, brain, and respiratory function, along with whole body rejuvenation and a calm mood.

Ingredients: Indian gooseberry (fresh fruit rind), Jaggerry (Raw Cane Mash), Wild Raw Honey, Non-Hybrid Cow Ghee, Cold-pressed Sesame oil, Long Pepper fruit, Red Sandalwood, Malabar tree leaf, Winter Cherry root (Ashwagandha), Indian Asparagus Root (Shatavari), Water Hyssop leaf (Bacopa), Holy Basil leaf, Ginger rhizome, Raisin fruit, Licorice stem, Pyllanthus whole, Zedoary rhizome (White Turmeric), Cinnamon Bark (Ceylon), Saffron stigma, Cardamom seed, Indian Kudzu root, Arjuna bark,  Chebulic Myrobalan fruit, Sacred Lotus Seed, Indian Lilac leaf, Tribulus Fruit, Golden Apple fruit, Indian Tinospora stem, Nut Grass whole, Leptadenia leaf, Hogweed root, and Mesua flower. 
All herbs are ethically wild-crafted, organic, or pesticide free.

Why Chyawanprash is so important?

Chyawanprash is a classic combination of dietary ingredients and dietary supplements ingredients.

The primary ingredient in Chyawanprash is Amla (Emblica officinalis) fruit, Indian Gooseberry. It is a well known Ayurveda Super Fruit not only for Vitamin C but more importantly for establishing 3 Vital Life Operating Forces (Generation, Existence, Dissolution) in their respective physiological spaces. This interdependency of 3 Vital Universal Energies is of utmost importance for Quality Life.

It contains total 35 Ingredients out of which,

* Amla Berry is Properly Steam Baked and Cooked.

* 17 Botanicals are processed through Decoction.

* 8 Botanicals are used in Raw Powder Form.

* 3 Botanicals extracts are top of inclusion to foster efficacy.

* 4 Aromatic Spices are added as functional flavors.

* 3 Natural Cooking Agents.

* It is the best optimized combination of Healthy Complex Carbohydrates, Digestible Proteins, and Linoleic Rich Fats.

How it is prepared authentically?

Chyawanprash manufacturing process is an Analogy Exemplary of Entire Body Revitalization Metabolism. Ayurveda believes in 3 modalities to nurture all Body Tissues through Dietary Digestion.

1. Transformation Mode - in which dietary substances are converted into precise body tissues by the action of ‘Agni’ (Transformation Energy) (eg. Rice is converted into Muscle Fibers through macroscopic and micro-scopic transformation.)

2. Homologous Absorbance Mode - Similar Structure, Function, and Quality of Dietary Ingredients nurture their respective Structural, Functional, and qualitative similar Body Tissues. (eg, Pomegranate Juice will nurture endothelial tissues of body quickly)

3. Successive Nourishment Mode - Dietary Ingredients will nurture Body Tissues as per their evolutory and embryonic generation path. (eg. Rice will nurture the first all water compartments of Body, then Reticulo-endothelial system, and then Skeletal & Non Skeletal Muscles and so on..)

4. And The most important part all 3 modalities are in action at the same time, however, every dietary mole-cule defines its path as per given Time and Space conditions.

So there are 3 integral processes which reciprocate 3 above Tissue Nurture Mechanisms.

1. Amla Berry is transformed into Precursor Nurturing molecules through steaming with medicinal herbs de-coction and cooking with aromatic herbs and spices.

2. Botanical Actives ingredients in Chyawanprash are homologous either in structure or function or quality of different physiological systems of Body. e.g. Piper longum for Respiratory System, Lotus Seeds for Cardi-ovascular system, Tribulus terrestris for Kidneys and Osmotic Balances etc. Selective fragments of Honey, Jaggery, Sesame Seed Oil, and Ghee nurture Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats of Body respectively.

3. All Ingredients in tandem vitalizes entire tissue system through succession.

Therefore Amla Berries are Steamed in Medicinal Herbs Decoction, filtered through cloth to remove fibers. Soft Amla Berry Pulp is cooked in Indian Non-Hybrid Cow Ghee and Sesame Oil. This pulp is further treated with Medicinal Herbs Powders. While Natural Cooling of this preparation, medicinal herbs are added in spe-cific sequence to match entire Body Physiology. Finally the formulation is enriched with Aromatic Herbs. Rest of base ingredients like Honey and Jaggery are added to accomplish the process. So the entire cascade of manu-facturing steps exactly reciprocates to Body Tissue revitalization system.

How Chywanprash is consumed, at what time?

10 g of Chywanprash is typically consumed on empty stomach early in the morning at the time of Sun Rise with Hot Indian - Non Hybrid - Grass Fed Cow Milk and or Non Hybrid - Grass Fed Goats Milk.

Chywanprash should not be gulped at a time but to be licked slowly with Hot Milk.

Why we have customized it for USA as a country?

Ayurved firmly believes in Evolution. Time and Space are fundamental drivers for evolution. Chyawanprash was formulated for the first time 5000 yrs back. However all medicinal herbs, entire human kind, diseases, and other corollary factors in Universe are evolved and their respective structure and functions are different today.

Considering and respecting this fundamental principle we have chosen all ingredients which are contemporary to 21st Century (Time) and North America (Space).

Why Honey, Black Sesame Oil, Indian Non-Hybrid Grass Fed Cow Ghee, and Raw Jaggery are added in Chyawanprash?

Ayurved considers 3 Primordial energies (Constitution, Transformation, Conduction) which are very reasons of any body’s life.

1. Honey is an excellent source for Constitution Energy.

2. Indian Non-Hybrid Grass Fed Cow Ghee is an excellent source for Transformation Energy.

3. Black Sesame Oil is an outstanding source for Conduction Energy.

4. Jaggery is an excellent source for Bioadaptable essential micro minerals and Complex Carbohydrates.

What is the meaning of Chyawanprash?

‘Chyawanprash’ name contains 2 parts ‘Chywan’ and ‘Prash’.

‘Chywan’ - Chywan was one of the Wise and Brilliant Sages in an Ancient India in Vedic Era (5000 yrs back). During his long meditation, he got blessed with an idea of making Chyawanprash - a kind of designer food rec-ipe which one can take daily for age longevity for absolutely healthy and disease free quality of life.

‘Prash’ - means to consume artfully.

After formulating, Sage “Chywan’ himself consumed it to validate it’s safety and efficacy. Sage Chywan con-sumed it daily at 4 am followed by 40 minutes of meditation for 40 days, he could bring significant age reversal changes in him. Since then, ‘Chyawanprash’ formulation has been incorporated in Ayurved Texts under the branch called ‘Rasayana’ (Systemic Revitalization of Body & Mind).

So ‘Chyawanprash’ is a dietary supplement to be consumed daily for longer, healthy, disease free, and quality life.