Cistanche 50g


Cistanche is most known for increasing libido and sexual performance but its benefits do not stop there. Research is backing up ancient beliefs that Cistanche is a very special herb rich in active compounds that support our health at a cellular level. As a traditionally revered kidney tonic, Cistanche may also support blood production, overall energy, athletic and creative abilities.

Although Cistanche works quickly and is quite powerful, it does not unbalance the body like many other herbs with similar benefits. Cistanche is found to contain an antioxidant compound called, acteoside, said to be 15 times more powerful then resveratrol. Additionally, Cistanche may support healthy aging, bone density, immunity, intestinal health, cognition, circulation, and energy levels 

Usage: ½-1 tsp 1-2 times per day in water, tea, or favorite beverage.

This Full Spectrum 8:1 extract is made using a water only pressure reiteration system. Contains a minimum of 2% cistanocides.