Colostrum Powder 5oz


Colostrum is Mother Natures “First Food” for all mammals, also known as the “Immune Milk.” This Colostrum is from pasture-raised cows and only harvested after the newborn calves get their share. This is true 6-hour Colostrum, verified by a 3rd party. The most unique of all species of colostrum occurs in bovines, where the transfer of biological substances across the placenta to the developing fetus does not happen, and everything required for the development of a healthy, productive offspring is provided in the Colostrum. As such, bovine Colostrum offers a specialized resource that provides the broadest possible spectrum of biologically active substances that can promote the development of a healthy body mass, assure effective and efficient metabolism and support the activation and maintenance of a fully functional immune system capable of combating potential insults from microorganisms and other deleterious sources.

Immune System

Before the development of antibiotics and vaccines, Bovine Colostrum was the most valuable source of immunoglobulins (antibodies) used to fight infection. Increased prevalence of antibiotic-resistant strains, as well as, concerns over vaccination has led some people to return to natural, time-tested nutritional supplements. In a clinical study, colostrum was found three times more effective than vaccination at preventing influenza. For more information about the study visit: Research has also shown that regular consumption of colostrum can help support the thymus gland. The thymus gland produces white blood cells and T-cells. The primary function of T-cells is to destroy abnormal cell growth, bacteria, fungi, or any other types of disease-causing foreign bodies. It is a critical part of our immune system, and it starts a rapid decline after puberty. At age 40, it is typically only ten percent the size it was at birth. One can see that when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system, Colostrum is the supplement of choice.

General Wellness and Longevity

After puberty, our body begins slowing down the production of our body’s Growth Hormones. These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of our cellular body tissue. It has been shown that by age 80 we are producing almost no growth hormone, and so we age and die. Colostrum’s’ growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of cellular body tissue essential for regeneration.

Neurological Health

Colostrum is a natural and healthy means of gently stimulating the brain to release serotonin and dopamine and prolong their re-uptake. Colostrum also activates the release of other chemicals in the brain that affects alertness and concentration.

Accelerated Healing

Colostrum’s’ immune factors are highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents to help reduce and eliminate infections in external injuries (cuts, burns, abrasions and surgical wounds). Colostrum also contains epithelial (skin & gut) growth hormones that stimulate accelerated healing and powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can eliminate swelling and pain.

Topically: mix with a small amount of water to make a paste and apply liberally.

Oral Health: Colostrum’s’ powerful antibacterial factors have been shown to help overcome gingivitis and stimulate the regeneration of receding gums. The application is made by packing Colostrum directly into the gum area just before going to bed. Colostrum has also been shown to help control any pain before or after dental work.

Important Minimum Constituents: 2300 ng/g of IGF-1, 1.9% Immunoglobulins, 3% Proline-Rich Polypeptides, and 97 Immune Factors and 87 Growth Factors in their natural whole-food form. Colostrum also contains every known nutrient and is most likely the most complete food ever discovered.

Usage: Take 1 tsp or more in a drink, on food or directly into the mouth for best absorption up to 4 times/day. Can be used topically as well for a rejuvenating  facial- just mix with water to make a paste. It can also be applied to gums to enhance gum health and regeneration.