COVID-19 Update

Manufacturing Practices

We are manufacturing our products in our newly constructed manufacturing facility in Post Falls, Idaho. We utilize HEPA air filtration and ozone to maintain high levels of air quality. We manufacture all products in a clean room and all personnel are required to wear full gowns, gloves and masks as part of GMP protocol. We utilize iodine and 92% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize equipment and surfaces. This has been our procedure since before the outbreak occurred and will continue to be. Every ingredient goes through our verification process. We utilize a third party lab and always follow GMP guidelines. Since we formulate, source raw materials, and manufacture our own products- we can personally ensure production is up to our high standards.  


Raw Revelations is currently open. Our temporary store hours are 10am-3pm Monday-Saturday and are now open for walk ins. If you would like curbside pick up please call and place your order over the phone call 951-677-2222 ext 2. However due to the large volume of calls we may not be able to answer so do leave a message. When your order is ready our staff will contact you and schedule a pick up time. 

Farmers Markets

We are now back at all of our regularly attended farmers markets.


Best Sources for Key Immune Nutrients


Zinc- He Shou Wu, Chlorella, Chaga, Cacao

Vitamin C- Camu Plus, Goji, Immunity Matrix, MSM Morning Mix

Vitamin D- D3&K2 blend

Quercetin- Vanilla Shake, Camu Plus


Best Products for Immune Health


Immunity Matrix- Immune modulating 8 mushroom blend with Vitamin C botanicals and respiratory support herbs.

Immune Warrior- Immune strengthening and anti-pathogen properties. Excellent Anti-viral properties.

Camu Plus- Highest food source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C in its wholefood form is much more effective than in isolation. Camu Camu also exhibits antiviral properties and contains quercetin. Elderberry adds antiviral activity and immune activating anthocyanins. Zinc shows the most clinical data of any nutrient to benefit immunity.

MSM Morning Mix- Sulfur is an excellent respiratory support mineral. Noni, camu, and other superfoods are excellent immune tonics.

Colloidal Silver- Used throughout history as a broad spectrum germicide. May exhibit antiviral properties and support Immune function. May be used topically as well. Safe for contact with eyes, ears, and nose. Can even be added to a nebulizer and inhaled.                 

GI Rescue- Supports microbiome and gut health where 80% of our Immune System is located. Immune boosting Lions Mane, antiviral aloe, vitamin C rich baobab and lemon juice, plus tocotrienol rich rice bran.

He Shou Wu- Very rich in the mineral Zinc which has extremely important immune support properties. He Shou Wu is also known to be an excellent supporter of immune function.

D3 & K2- Essential for immune cell communication and “tagging” of foreign cells.

Detoxify- May help to neutralize pathogens and aid overall immune function be relieving pressure on elimination organs by absorbing toxins.

Colostrum- High concentration of antiviral lactoferrin and other potent immune factors.

Vanilla Shake Mix- Rich in quercetin from the Quinoa and Rice Bran Solubles. Latest studies show quercetin may have antiviral properties. Plus probiotics and prebiotics to boost gut flora.

Super Woman: Shatavari, schisandra, aloe, and cinnamon are all excellent immune tonics. Mucuna helps with deep sleep.

Adrenal Stress Ease: Holy Basil is an excellent respiratory tonic and immune booster. Ashwagandha boost immunity as well. Entire formula may support strong immunity during higher times of stress.

Iodine- Helps the thyroid sanitize the blood of viruses and pathogens. 10 drops per 8oz will make a 25ppm solution which will sanitize surfaces and may be used as a gentle hand sanitizer. This is great added to a spray bottle. Let sit on surfaces for 30 seconds before wiping.

Aminos Plus- Highly absorbable, balanced protein source with immune modulating herbs. This free form amino acid blend works much more efficiently than protein powders.

Chlorella- Also rich in zinc for immune function and other nutrients excellent for building blood quality necessary for adequate oxygen transfer.

Reishi- Excellent immune tonic and respiratory support. Added benefits include promoting calm mood and good sleep. Antiviral.

Super Cordyceps- Excellent respiratory support and immune support. Great for aiding strength and energy and emphasized to use after any illness or surgery to speed recovery. Antiviral.

Chaga- Known as the king of mushrooms, it greatly supports Immune health, rich in zinc, and has antiviral activity.

Beet Juice Powder- Great blood builder for optimal oxygen delivery and red blood cell function.

Super Cinnamon and Super Ginger- Antiviral activity and immune support.

Turmeric- Excellent respiratory anti-inflammatory. Antiviral.