Hemp Protein Chocolate Banana 12 oz


A nutritious protein blend of Canadian Hemp and Sprouted Rice protein make a complete and balanced amino acid profile. Protein powders are the best way to get essential amino acids into your body. They are digested much more easily then common food sources and free energy for your body to use elsewhere. We have added Wild Arriba Cacao Powder and Red Banana Flakes to make the flavor as delicious as it is healthy. Maca Root, Amla Berry, and Cardamom are also added for herbal synergy and assimilation support.

Why are protein powders better?

The dry weight of an optimal body is 75% protein. Protein is an essential macro nutrient consisting of one or more chains of Amino Acids. The body can make some amino acids but there are 8 amino acids it cannot and those are the essential ones that must be supplied by our diet. Common protein sources such as meat, nuts, and seeds, take a huge amount of energy for the body to break down. Protein powders on the other hand offer a high concentration of amino acids in a format that your body can absorb quickly and with less energy and digestive resources such as HCL and enzymes. There is also less by-products during digestion such as uric acid from meat or phytic acid from nuts. The right type of Protein powders are a the best way to get essential amino acids in your body while preserving energy levels and optimizing regeneration, immune function, lean muscle, and well-being.

Usage: 3-4 Tb in nut milk, smoothie, or protein shake.

This protein blend makes a great satiating snack or meal replacement. It contains slow burning proteins and superfoods excellent for supporting energy and stamina.

Ingredients: Canadian Hemp Protein, Wild Arriba Cacao Powder*, Sprouted Rice Protein*, Gelatinized Maca*, Heirloom Banana Flakes*, Monk Fruit Extract, Full Spectrum Amla Berry Extract*, Organic Flavors*, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Ground Cardamom Pod*. *Organic