Minerals- Isotonic 50ml


This is the most nourishing and balanced mineral supplement.

This is a mineral formula designed for sublingual use. It contains Fulvic Acid and humic acid which Shilajit is high in so it is a great substitute for those that cannot stand the taste of shilajit. It will also be used by some practitioners who use scalar energy devices to charge a frequency into the product and the miron glass can preserve the frequency so it can be administered to patients daily. It is strongly recommended for anyone with blood sugar issues and also good for muscle recovery, stamina, and overall energy. It is also going to be helpful for digestion and building tissue, especially hair, skin, and nails. The Isotonic Solution makes it very Yin. This means it is restoring to the fluids of the body and is great for children, and pregnant mothers. It is very gentle and can be recommended right alongside the five essentials. It may even be more important then MSM in the 5 essentials. Minerals are foundational to health. These minerals have been found to prevent the damage from glycation which is a damaging form of metabolism caused by sugar consumption. Diabetics should take 4 droppers under the tongue daily.

Isotonic saline, refers to a salt solution with the same salinity of ones blood stream (0.87%). Isotonic solutions are readily absorbed and are a great delivery for our unique mineral complex.

Ionic Fulvic minerals may especially support blood sugar balance, athletic enhancement, hair, skin, and nails.

Minerals are essential to every process within the body.

The Ionic Fulvic Minerals are derived from ancient plant deposits not rocks. The organic origin is what provides fulvic and humic acid content naturally. The salinity is derived from Icelandic Sea Salt.

Usage: 1-4 droppers in mouth and hold for best absorption.