Pea Protein Cinnamon Vanilla 16oz


Delicious Therapeutic Plant Protein

Why are protein powders better?

The dry weight of an optimal body is 75% protein. Protein is an essential macro nutrient consisting of one or more chains of Amino Acids. The body can make some amino acids but there are 8 amino acids it cannot and those are the essential ones that must be supplied by our diet. Common protein sources such as meat, nuts, and seeds, take a huge amount of energy for the body to break down. Protein powders on the other hand offer a high concentration of amino acids in a format that your body can absorb quickly and with less energy and digestive resources such as HCL and enzymes. There is also less by-products during digestion such as uric acid from meat or phytic acid from nuts. The right type of Protein powders are the best way to get essential amino acids in your body while preserving energy levels and optimizing regeneration, immune function, lean muscle, and well-being.

The Basics

Our Pea Protein is great support for muscle recovery, steady energy, and much more. Pea Protein digests slower then whey protein so it is great used as a pre-workout or a great addition to a shake or meal replacement drink. This unique formula may also support healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Pea Protein is particularly rich in BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids), Lysine, Arginine, and Glutamine.

How is it Made?

Our Pea Protein comes from USA grown, Non-GMO, Yellow Peas processed with only water and enzymes. The proteins from whole peas are difficult to digest due to the amount of starches. The enzyme process essentially separates these starches so the amino acids are available to be concentrated. Pea Protein therefore offers completely different health benefits vs whole peas. Peas produce their own nitrogen so they can be grown without nitrogen fertilizers and rarely need excessive pesticides or other chemicals used in their cultivation.

Why our Pea Protein formula is Amazing

We take it a step further by adding our Super Cinnamon Formula, Mesquite Pod, Ginger Extract, Ancient Minerals from Shilajit, herbal sugar-free sweeteners, and organic flavors. This makes the pea protein taste much better then the plain varieties but also enhances the therapeutic properties. The cinnamon helps support healthy blood sugar levels and adds protective antioxidants. Shilajit minerals and ginger are added to support amino acid absorption and utilization. There is no sugar used in this formula. The well-balanced sweetness comes from a blend of monk fruit and stevia leaf extract.

Easily Digested and Hypoallergenic

Pea protein is a great substitute for whey if ones is sensitive to dairy due to its low potential for allergenic reactions. Because the starches are removed, pea protein is much easier to digest then whole peas.

Usage: 3-4 Tb. per day in almond milk, coconut milk, or add to shake.

Ingredients: Non-GMO Yellow Pea Protein, Mesquite pod*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Unrefined Monk Fruit Extract, Organic Vanilla Toffee Flavor*, Full Spectrum Cinnamon Tamala Extract*, Full Spectrum Ginger Extract*, Monk Fruit Extract, Himalayan Shilajit Extract, Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Organic