Why these products?

The Adrenal glands mobilize the body's response to every kind of stress. Prolonged exposure to stressful situations or even just one intense single event can diminish the adrenal glands function needed to maintain healthy homeostasis. People suffering from adrenal fatigue often have to use stimulants to get going in the morning and keep going throughout the day. Stimulants further stress the adrenals and are not a sustainable solution. 

- Adrenal Stress Ease contains the most well-researched adaptogens which may support adrenal health by lowering cortisol and strengthening function. 

- Bag of Tricks contains nutrients and adaptogens that may support adrenal regeneration and healthy stress response.

- Iodine is an essential mineral for energy production and needed for optimal function of the entire endocrine system. 

- Magnesium is an essential mineral for the function of the adrenals especially in times of stress.

- Vitality is an excellent stimulant free energizing formula which supports daily energy and deep sleep. 

Coffee Fix/Latte Fix is and excellent coffee replacement which contains no caffeine. 

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