Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Rev’d Up contains the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Bioavailable nutrients are key to activating metabolism and detoxification and reducing hunger cravings which is just a signal for nutrients. Spirulina, chlorella, ionic fulvic minerals, and our kelp extract are of particular significance.

Vanilla Shake Mix is a great meal replacement blend with complex carbohydrates, MCT’s, protein and abundance of fiber along with a unique strain of probiotics to support gut health. A great base to add other blends to and make nutritious shakes that taste good and perform even better.

Perform is our ketogenic pre-workout formula which contains MCT’s and herbs designed to ignite the body’s metabolism and overall performance. Great during intermittent fasting or first thing in the morning. It may also support the bodies detoxification process and adaptation to stress which are critical aspects of weight loss.

Super Cinnamon- A potent blend of true ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon is an excellent supporter of blood sugar and greatly supports metabolism.

Detoxify helps bind toxins for removal from the body. Many of these toxins influence our hormones negatively which may cause weight gain. The body stores toxins in fat cells. When the body attempts to burn its fat, toxins are released and can be reabsorbed and negatively influence the hormones and trigger weight gain all over again. No weight loss program is optimal unless detoxification is supported.