Hormones Women

Why these products?

- Balance tincture is a blend of two herbs, Passion Flower and Nettle Root. Passion flower keeps hormones in their correct form, and Nettle Root minimizes the damage they can do in the body when converted to a negative, volatile form like DHT.
- Gelatinized Maca aids in proper hormone production and balancing.
- Schisandra Berry is a powerful brain and memory tonic and sexual tonic.
- Shatavari may support the rejuvenation of female hormones and the reproductive system, immune function, and digestive system. Shatavari has been used by women to increase lactation and support a healthy menstrual cycle and menopause transition. 
- Super 3- Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is essential for many functions within the human body. Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to support proper hormone balance. Our bodies cannot make omega 3's so it important to get them from our diet.
- Super Woman may support healthy menstrual cycles, menopause transition, immune health, energy, mood, and weight loss.


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