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A highly effective formula designed to promote the safe and natural removal of heavy metals, radiation, and other toxic environmental residues from the body while supplying cell protective antioxidants and elimination regulating botanicals.

Exposure to environmental toxins is impossible to avoid.  They are in our water, air, food, soil, cars, and homes.  Consuming these clinically proven detoxification materials regularly will help to ensure that you do not accumulate toxic compounds that are linked to numerous health conditions. 

A comprehensive blood analysis has discovered an alarming level of toxins and/or metals in virtually everyone tested, even the umbilical cord of newborns has been found to contain over a hundred types of pesticides and flame retardants. 

This is the most effective natural materials that we know of for effectively removing all types of toxins from the body.  It is also much less expensive and does not deplete essential minerals like EDTA chelation therapy does.

If digestion is slow while using this blend then triphala can be taken separately for that issue. 

This formula could even be considered safe for pregnancy.

Oral use- Sprinkle on a tooth brush to remove stains and whiten teeth. The charcoal works very well for this.

Charcoal: Absorbs many organic toxins within the GI tract and assists upset stomach and food/alchohol poisoning.

Baobab: Adds pectin, a soluble fiber which promotes dispersion and optimizes activity of entire formula

40:1 Brown Seaweed: Absorbs radiation and heavy metals and supplies iodine and polysacharides

Shilajit: Absorbs pesticides and neutralizes many toxins and viruses due to fulvic acid content.

Zeolite: Absorbs Aflatoxins (mold toxins), and radiation (especially Cesium)


Cleansing protocol: 2 tsp 2 times per day. 

Maintenance Protocol:  1/2-1 tsp 1-2 times per day. 

Mix into water on an empty stomach, before eating or taking other supplements/medications.  Great taken before bed and upon waking.   Be aware that you may find a need to urinate more often as this is an elimination pathway for this formula. It is always best to start with a small amount and work your way up to desired dosage.


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  1. Black! But taste is good. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 23rd 2018

    OK so this looks pretty scary when you mix it with your water..... it is completely black! But obviously it has charcoal in it, so that's why. I usually fill a small glass half way full of water, then add a teaspoon, and stir. It's a fine powder, so it takes a bit to stir it in, and I hold the cup over the sink as I do it, to avoid any spills or stains. Then I top off with more water, and down the hatch! Every time I mix it I'm a bit terrified to drink it because the color makes some part of my brain feel like it's going to taste gross. However, the taste is completely neutral. Really no taste, not disgusting at all. Charcoal is actually good for teeth whitening, so I am not worried about the color on my teeth. I don't know if it works yet, but I feel like it must be doing some good. I have heavy metal build up in my system (like most people nowadays) so plan to take this daily for 6-12 months to slowly and safely detox. Any amount of detox is good! Thanks for this product! Great price!

  2. Check out my YouTube video on some raw revelations products I/m loving 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 16th 2018

  3. love this blend! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 19th 2015

    I discovered this company at the 2015 WAPF conference and fell in love with their products. I like to make the chats tea and mix it with the latte mix and a little raw milk and ghee. It's a great way to start my day.

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