Easy and Delicious Drink Recipes

The drink recipes below are as nutritious as they are delicious. Keep in mind that most are designed to act as a snack or meal replacement and will provide stable energy for hours. A blender is best for mixing these drinks in order to emulsify the oils to create uniformity.


Super Delicious Tonic Latte

12-16 oz Hot Water or Herbal Teal such as Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.

1-2 Tb. Coconut Oil or Grass-pastured Ghee

3-4 Tb. Latte Fix

1-3 Tb. Bag of Tricks

Blend on high in blender for 10-15 seconds


MSM Immunity Elixir

1 cup Spring water

1 cup fresh squeezed juice, Grapefruit or orange works well.

1 Tb. MSM Morning Mix (less if you are new to MSM)

1 TB. Goji Powder

1 TB. Baobab Powder

1-2 inch piece of fresh aloe vera gel (optional)

Optional Additions:

1-2 tsp Immunity Matrix

Blend on high, strain if necessary and enjoy! Great morning drink.


Chocolate Maca Smoothie

12-16 oz Spring water

¾ cup ice

1 Tb. Gelatinized Maca

1-2 Tb. Raw Cacao powder

2-3 Tb. Coconut Milk Powder

2 Tb. Goat Whey or Rev One (optional)

1-2 Tb. Bag of Tricks Superfood Blend

½ tsp vanilla bean powder

1-2 Tb. Red Banana Flakes


Chocolate Superfood Fudge/Sauce

1 ½ - 2 cups Raw Cacao Powder

¼ cup coconut oil (warm)

4 tablespoons Tocotrienols (for creamier texture)

½ cup soaked dates or raisins

½ cup maple syrup, or honey

Blend in high speed blender using tamper if necessary. Use warm as a hot fudge over fresh fruit or the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe above. Pour over wax paper in a shallow dish and place in refrigerator. Enjoy! Just be mindful of how potent and rich this fudge truly is.


Rev One Super Fruit Smoothie

3 Tb. Rev One

1 Tb. Baobab

1 Tb. Beet Juice Powder

1 Tb. Goji Powder

2 Tb. Rice Bran Solubles

2 Tb. Coconut Milk Powder or Coconut Oil

pinch of sea salt


Maca Latte

2-3 tsp Gelatinized Maca

2 Tb. Bag of Tricks

2 Tb. Coconut Milk Powder

1/4 tsp. Super Cinnamon

pinch of sea salt


Acceptable Sweeteners

Our most recommended Sweeteners are:

Non Glycemic: Sweet'n- A combination of Stevia and Monk Fruit, Monk Fruit Extract Powder, Birch Xylitol.

Low Glycemic: Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw local Honey, and Maple Syrup



Bone Builder Chia Seed Porridge

32 oz. Warm Silica Rich Tea - Nettle leaf, Horsetail, Oat Straw

¼ cup Hemp Seeds

1-2 Tb. Coconut Oil

½-1 cup Chia Seeds

1 Tb Vanilla Bean

Handful of Goji Berries and Mulberries

Blend all ingredients and sweetener of choice except chia seeds and berries. Pour over Chia seeds, Goji Berries and Mulberries in a large bowl and stir well.


Pumpkin Spirulina Creamy Ice Cream

1 ½-2 cups ice (use filtered or spring water)

2 Tb. Pumpkin Seed Oil (Austrian is best)

1 Tb. Spirulina (optional)

½ - ¾ cup Vanilla Shake Mix

3-4 Tb. Pea Protein and/or Goat Whey

1 Tb. Coconut Oil and/or Ghee

Sweeten to taste- Raw Honey, Birch Xylitol, Stevia Extract, and Sweet’n work well.

Optional Additions:

1 tsp Vanilla Bean powder

½ tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

Blend in High Speed Blender with tamper until smooth and uniform for a thick ice cream consistency.


Stress Reducer Elixir

12 oz. Spring Dragon Tea (Gynostemma)

1 tsp Serenity

1/2 tsp Super Mucuna

¼ tsp Holy Basil

1-3 tsp Coffee Fix

¼ tsp Black Shilajit

Sweeten to taste- Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw Honey, Stevia Extract, and Sweet’n work well.


Metabolizer Energy Tonic

12oz. Spring Dragon Tea

2-3 Tb. Goji Berries

2 Tb. Coconut Oil

½-1 tsp Green Coffee Bean

1 tsp Vitality (optional)

Sweeten to taste- Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw Honey, Stevia Extract, and Sweet’n work well.

Blend on high and strain if desired


Quick Creamy Herbal “Meal” to Go

1 cup coconut milk

1 cup Kefir (preferably from goat and unpasteurized, grass-fed)

2-4 Tb. Sprouted Rice & Pea Protein and/or Grass Fed Whey

2-3 Tb. Chia Seed gel or 1-2 tsp. Chia Seeds

2-4 Tb. Bag of Tricks herbal superfood blend

Sweeten to taste in necessary

Optional Additions- Raw Local free range egg(s)(Whole or yolk only), Cacao Powder, Baobab Fruit powder, Spirulina

Make warm or cold and blend or put in shaker bottle.


Blueberry Antioxidant Blast

1 cup Wild Frozen Blueberries

1 Cup Roiboos Tea(Room Temp)

1 tsp Sweet’n Up

2-4 Tb. Sprouted Rice and Pea Protein and/or Grass Fed Whey

1-2 Tb. Banana Flakes of one Whole Banana

2 tsp Immunity Matrix

2 Tb. Baobab Fruit powder

2 Tb. Pumpkin seed oil or coconut oil

Place all the powders, honey and oil in Blender first. Add Blueberries and Tea. Blend well. Experiment with Ice/Liquid Ratio to satisfy texture preferences.


Rev One Product Recipes


Simple Wild Berry Smoothie

1 cup Frozen Berries

12-16 oz. Coconut Water

4-5 Tb. Rev One

Blend and Enjoy!


Orange Dream

3-4 whole oranges with outer orange skin removed (use peeler)

4-5 Tb. Rev. One

8 oz. Spring Water

Blend and Enjoy!


Superfood Balls

1 cup rolled oats

½ cup Rev One

½ cup Honey or Maple Syrup

¼ cup Grass-fed Whey Vanilla

¼ cup Grass-fed butter (melted)

¼ cup Coconut Oil (melted)

Mix together and form into balls and place in fridge to harden

Keep in mind that this recipe is not exact. You may need to play around with the proportions to your liking. 


Tonic Bar Recipes

These drink recipes are more complicated but crafted to optimize taste and familiarity with classic desert options. These recipes are subject to change and may not be the same as what is served at our tonic bar.


OG Chocolate Milk Shake

2 Tb. Coconut Oil

2 Tb. Cacao Powder

2 Tb. Coconut Palm Sugar

2 Tb. Lucuma

1/2 Tb. Gelatinized Maca

1 Tb. Lecithin

3 Tb. Rice Bran Solubles

3 Tb. Grass-fed Whey Natural

2 tsp. Colostrum

1 dropper Sweet’n (stevia)

2 pinches Pink Salt

2 oz. Nut Milk or room temp water

3 oz. hot tea

Blend on medium until fully mixed

2 cups of ice


Vegan Chocolate Shake

1 Tb. Coconut oil

3/4 Cup Vanilla Milkshake Mix

2 Tb Cacao powder

1 Tb. Coconut palm sugar

4 oz. Hot Tea/ Water

2 cups of ice


 Vegan Vanilla Shake

1 Tb. Coconut oil

½- ¾  Cup Vanilla Milkshake Mix

1 Tb. Coconut palm sugar or other sweetener

4 oz. Hot Tea/ Water

2 cups of ice


Hydrate Elixir 

1 Tb. Coconut Water/Juice Powder

2 Tsp Lemon Juice powder

1 tsp MSM Morning Mix

½ Tsp TMG

2 droppers Minerals

Pinch of crystal salt

2 tsp Coconut Sugar



Love Latte

 3 Tb. Heavenly Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

2 tsp Beet Juice Powder

½ tsp Super Reishi Powder

¼ tsp Schisandra Berry

½ tsp Shatavari

1 tsp Goji Powder

½ tsp Cistanche

1 Tb. Coconut Oil

4oz Nut Milk

12oz Hot Tea



Banana Foster Milkshake

2 Tb. Coconut oil

2 Tb. Coconut Milk Powder

2 Tb. Coconut palm sugar

3 Tb. Natural Whey Protein

1/2 tsp. Banana flavor

1/2 tsp. Vanilla flavor

1 Tb. Banana Flakes

1 tsp. Cinnamon

1 dropper of stevia

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

2 oz. Nut Milk

2 oz. Hot tea

Blend on Medium

2 Cups of ice


Blueberry (or Strawberry) Ice Cream

¾ cup Wild Blueberries

  or 1 cup organic Strawberries (frozen)

2 cups ice

½ cup Vanilla Milk Shake Mix

1 Tb. Birch Xylitol or Palm Sugar

1 dropper Sweet’n

2 pinches Pink Salt

1 Tb. Coconut Oil


House Nut Milk

4 Tb. Cashews

1 Tb. Sunflower Lecithin

1 Tb. Hempseed

¼ tsp of crystal salt

6 cups Water

Blend on High for 30 sec.


Vitality Tonic Latte

1 Tb. Coconut Oil

1 Tsp. Ghee

1 Tb. Lucuma

1 tsp Baobab

1/2 tsp Vitality

1 Tb. Coffee Fix

4 oz. Nut Milk

10 oz. Spring Dragon Tea

Sweet’n to preference (See Below)


Latte Da (Stress Reducer)

2 Tb. Coffee Fix

1 Tb. Coconut Oil

½ tsp Adrenal Stress Ease

½ tsp Serenity

¼ tsp Shilajit

4 oz. Nut Milk

10 oz, Hot Tea

Sweet’n to preference (See Below)


Jing Please

1 Tb. Coconut Oil

2 tsp. Ghee

2 Tb. Coffee Fix

1 tsp. Restore

¼ tsp Schisandra

½ tsp He Shou Wu

½ tsp. Cistanche

1 tsp Goji Extract

½ tsp Mucuna Tribulus

4 oz. Nut Milk

10 oz. Spring Dragon Tea

Sweet’n to preference (See Below)


Recommended Latte Sweetener

1-2 Tb. Coconut Palm Sugar

5 drops Stevia

Add whey or lucuma for additional creaminess


Heavenly Hot Chocolate

1 Tb. Heavenly Hot Chocolate

1 Tb. Cacao powder

2 Tb. Coconut Milk Powder

4 oz. Nut Milk

10 oz. Spring Dragon


Immunity Bliss

1 Tb. Coconut Oil

1 Tb. Cacao or Coffee Fix

1 tsp Goji Extract

1 tsp Immunity Matrix

½ tsp Reishi Extract

½ tsp. Vanilla bean powder

½ tsp Cinnamon

2 oz. Nut Milk

12 oz. Spring Dragon


Rev One Berry Smoothie

6 oz. Coconut Water

6 oz. Nut Milk

¾ cup frozen Wild Blueberries and Strawberries

4 Tb. Rev One

Optional: 1 Tb. Coconut Oil


Juggernaut Latte

1 Tb. Coconut Oil

1 Tb. Goat Milk Butter

2 Tb. Coffee Fix

2 Tb. Goat Whey

1 Tb. Coconut Palm Sugar

4 oz. Nut Milk

10oz. Spring Dragon

Blend on medium only