Vegan Diet Supplements

Vegan Diet Supplements


Aminos Pure

Protein deficiency is very hard to diagnose, and new research shows that even people who eat animal foods and other high protein foods are deficient due to a low protein utilization factor. 

When non-essential amino acids are combined with essential amino acids, your body must sort through what it needs which ends up generating a lot of protein waste. This can be measured as net protein utilization.

We have spent the last year formulating a protein supplement based on just the 9 Essential Amino Acids your body is looking for. 


Omega 3 - DHA 

This is the active form of Omega 3 needed to sustain the health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems especially the brain and eyes. 

While we can consume Omega 3's from plants, it exists in the ALA (alpha linolenic acid) form which needs to be converted once in the body. 

However, most people do not convert ALA well or at all. 

Luckily, specific strains of algae have been discovered to produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and can be cultivated and have their DHA extracted so you can take a plant-based active form of DHA. 


B Complex

B vitamins are essential for virtually all cellular functions. A lack of B vitamins is most noticed by low energy and poor mood. 

Most B vitamins are concentrated in animal products. In particular, the fabled Vitamin B12, but not all B12 are created equal. 

The human body needs the active, methylated form of B12 for it to be effective. Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin are the active forms in our B Complex.


Latte Fix

Since health-conscious choices usually steer us away from coffee and its dairy-based creamers, we wanted to offer a solution.

With coconut milk as the creamer, our popular coffee replacement drink mix Latte Fix has just been upgraded with double the adaptogens, added ginger and cardamom, and pea protein.