Our Story




We started Raw Revelations at a little farmers market in Southern California over a decade ago. Since then our family has grown and we've expanded to several markets with an enthusiastic team to serve our customers. We've also opened a tonic bar and storefront where customers from all over Southern California come to visit us and enjoy their own "revelations".


Everything we sell on Raw Revelations is made in-house in small batches. 


By having our FDA registered, GMP compliant manufacturing facility, we are able to control ingredient sourcing and watch over the entire production process.


Most nutrient and health supplement companies outsource the production of their products to large-scale co-packers who source the lowest cost ingredients to increase their profits.


Raw Revelations is different. 


We have a deep understanding for how the herbs are grown, harvested, processed and packaged in order to maintain their healing qualities.


We source verifiable organic and wild-crafted herbs whenever available.


We screen our products for identity and other concerns such as solvents and even pesticide residues. For example, we are aware of the excessive and all too common use of harsh solvents (such as hexane and methane) in the raw material industry and do not source any solvent extracted herbs or ingredients.


Bottom line - we keep production in-house so that we can be absolutely sure that what we want goes into the products we make and sell so that you can be 100% confident of what you're putting into your body. 


We hope to catch you in person, but if you have any questions please call or e-mail us! It is a personal passion to help our clients individually.




From our family to yours,

Colin + Marilyn

& The Raw Revelations Team