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Magnesium Gel 8oz.


Product Description

Why Magnesium?

Magnesium is a critical macro nutrient for human health. It is essential to more than 350 cellular processes, some of which include muscle & nerve function, heart rhythm, and peristalsis (muscular contractions of the digestive system). To be deficient in magnesium guarantees a sub-optimal level of health. Severe lack of magnesium can seriously impair all bodily functions.

Magnesium is a major component of your muscles and bones, with approximately 50% of total body magnesium stored in the bones. Magnesium is required for your body to properly absorb and regulate calcium, and thus maintain strong bones & ligaments.

The human body runs on electricity. Magnesium powers the movement of electrically charged ions through the blood and across nerve cell membranes. This movement of electricity allows your muscles to move, your heart to beat, your breath to come in and out.

Healthy levels of magnesium maintain cellular communication in the body. A deficiency of magnesium causes a disturbance to the flow of this electricity through the nervous system, producing a great deal of pain and illness.

Magnesium Sources

There are several ways to acquire magnesium with varied levels of success. In order for consumed magnesium to make a difference in your health it must actually be absorbed and then delivered where it is required.

Eating it in food, supplementing with pills, and injecting it are the most common methods, though there are a number of problems associated with each of these methods, such as slow results, high costs, and discomfort. The quickest, most reliable, cost-effective and comfortable way to obtain high levels of easily absorbed magnesium is by absorbing it through the skin (transdermal) from the Magnesium gel.

Magnesium Common Questions

Q1. How quickly does Magnesium absorb into my skin? Will it smell?

A1. Magnesium absorbs almost immediately upon contact. We recommend leaving the magnesium on the skin for a minimum of 25 minutes to ensure the body gets a chance to utilize as much magnesium as possible. Massaging it into your skin will speed up the rate of absorption. Magnesium has no odor.

Q2. What is the maximum daily dose?

A2. There is no limit. Transdermal magnesium is largely absorbed and used by your cells on location.

Q3. When should I use Magnesium?

A3. Magnesium Infusion can be safely used any time of the day as desired.

Q4. Where is the best place on the body to apply Magnesium?

A4. On your armpits, behind your knees, on top of your feet, inside of arms, and hips. Also, any area where you are experiencing pain.

Instant Results

Magnesium chloride is hydrophilic. This means that it is magnetically attracted to water at a molecular level. This property allows for easy absorption and bioavailability in your body. Minor health issues exhibit positive reactions very soon after application, while chronic and severe issues may require up to a month of use to experience noticeable improvement. It is recommended to use magnesium continuously since it is missing from our diet and needed by our bodies more than ever before.

Do I Need Magnesium?

Magnesium deficiency is a well known and documented contributor to physical and mental distress. The most serious indications of a lack of magnesium include:

  • high blood pressure

  • clogged arteries (arteriosclerosis)

  • muscular soreness, cramps and/or spasms

  • restless legs

  • inability to cope with stress and anxiety

  • behavioral disturbances

  • vertigo and nausea

  • involuntary eye movements

  • high intracellular calcium

  • tremors

  • memory loss

  • depression

  • lack of energy

  • chronic and acute migraines

  • growth retardation in children


Roles of Magnesium

Providing the body with an abundance of absorbable magnesium will:

  • fortify bones and joints

  • strengthen blood vessel walls

  • enhance overall rate of healing

  • relax muscle spasms and twitching

  • lessen migraine pain & frequency

  • sooth pain from exercise or arthritis

  • nourish the nervous system

  • generate increased energy production

  • balance & maintain healthy heart function

  • regulate blood pressure

  • increase serotonin and melatonin production


Our Magnesium Gel is brought to you in a convenient 8oz flip top bottle.  One teaspoon of this gel contains 250 mg. magnesium chloride hexahydrate. It also contains a seaweed extract used for thickening which also adds minerals like iodine, aloe vera for its soothing and moisturizing qualities, and Lemongrass, Lavender, and Juniper essential oils for there soothing qualities and pleasent smell.

Ingredients: USP Grade, USA Sourced Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera*, Essential Oil Blend (Lemongrass*, Lavender*, Juniper*)


Product Reviews

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  1. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 17th 2019

    I've only been using this for about a week, and I can tell the difference. I have Rosacea, and it's helping a lot. It is a thin liquid, so I would put it in a different container. The squirt bottle wastes too much, and it's difficult to control the amount dispensed.


    Posted by on Mar 13th 2019

    Eight years ago at a farmers market I met the owners Collin and his wife I believe. At that time I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor, benign , but causing seizures and severe neuropathy in my arms and legs.

    They were informative about their products and how they would benefit me, yes, I bought in and begin taking all the different mushroom tincture’s as well as many other of their products. But when my neuropathy became too much,
    The MAGNESIUM GEL was introduced.
    It has since helped with all of my neurological issues as well as taming the neuropathy . Rsdll my husband had issues with his knee, ACL tears, within 6 to 8 months his knees was healed and repaired. GO FOR IT!

  3. Keep on hand! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 14th 2018

    EVERYONE in my family uses and benefits from this product. All of us from 25 to 63 massage this into our aches and pains for welcome relief; neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, feet, legs, lower back and stomach!
    This is a product that we must have on the shelf. It's also nice that a little goes a long way! The more your muscles need it, the more it tingles. That just means it is working! Look forward to better sleep as well!

  4. Love, Love, Love 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 12th 2018

    I've been using this product for years and have never been disappointed! Joint pain lessened, sleep better, amazing!

  5. IT WORKS!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 14th 2018

    I am recovering from an injury . I fractured my foot and have soft tissue damage. I was having spasms and pain when a friend reccommended I try Magnesium gel from Raw Revelations. I am so happy with this product! No more spasms and pain is more like occasional discomfort. I do not need pain pills :) since using this.

  6. Amazing product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 30th 2017

    This magnesium gel helps so much with my joint pain. I can sleep comfortably through the night since I started using it. I even bought a bottle for my 74 year old mother who suffers from joint pain as well. Great stuff!

  7. LOVE THIS PRODUCT 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 19th 2017

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this Magnesium gel. I've struggled with constipation for years and tried everything including taking Mg supplements and Calm powder to no avail. I've been using this product at night before I go to bed and I've been more regular with bowel movements than ever before... perhaps more effective because my body isn't having to digest and process it through the liver first. I'm a pelvic floor physical therapist and see many patients with constipation issues so I've been recommending this product left and right!

  8. Magnesium gel is great fir pain relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 13th 2017

    I am 60 and work part time in a shop. Many days my feet are killing me by day's end. The pain is bad enough to prevent sleeping. In the past I treated this pain with 4 ibuprofen, or half a Norco. It's severe. Your magnesium gel is incredible. I rub some on, wait 10 minutes and the pain stops. It may creep back in about half an hour, so I reapply, and then it's gone for good. Like magic.

  9. sleep aide 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 2nd 2017

    Really helps me fall back to sleep after those middle of the night wake ups.

  10. Immediate Relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 1st 2017

    Tendonitis and pain in my thumbs after long sessions at the keyboard can finally be helped by using Magnesium Gel liberally on my hands before I sit down at my laptop. Thank you.

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