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We’re a small family business on a quest to help people live healthier lives with superfoods. 

Born out of a sincere desire to support our community, Raw Revelations is a labor of love. We source the cleanest ingredients and manage the entire process in-house. Our commitment to quality means you get the vibrant, effective products you need—and nothing you don’t. 

No additives. No fillers. No harsh solvents or pesticide residue. Just pure integrity and pure ingredients.

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You have the right to be 100% confident in what you put in your body. That’s why all our organic superfood powders, adaptogen supplements, and other products are made in-house, with fresh ingredients and in small batches. We personally oversee every step — from sourcing and manufacturing to third-party testing and customer service — to keep our prices fair and ensure that you get the maximum healing benefit. Quality natural supplements that you can trust.












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Superfoods are foods that have an extremely high nutritional density, providing substantial nutrients and few calories. Superfoods have high levels of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients such as antioxidants.
Unlike most supplement companies, we have over 100 different ingredient sources. Sound like a lot of work? It is, but we think it’s worth it to only offer the very best. After all, we use these formulas ourselves and we’re not ashamed to say we have high standards.
Yes. Product purity starts by qualifying a supplier by determining if their growing, harvesting, and processing practices are in line with our high standards. We then require proof of their quality testing, which we review and verify by testing the same material with our third-party lab. Every batch of raw material we receive goes through an organoleptic testing process before it is released to production. We apply a similar testing process to our finished products before they are released to the market.
Whenever possible. Organic is an important certification for quality and purity, but it is only part of the picture. We source from around the globe, and different countries have different regulations around farming. For example, when looking at an ingredient that is organic from China or non-organic from Denmark, the Denmark source may actually be purer and higher quality. This is where our sourcing expertise is important, as we consider many variables in our purchasing decisions.
We source raw materials, formulate, manufacture, package, and fulfill everything in our own facility. This means we handpick our ingredients based on quality and consistency—not ease of mass production. Our equipment isn’t shared, which eliminates potential cross-contamination. We do not outsource manufacturing, which allows us to keep our prices down and pass the savings onto you. And by personally overseeing the entire production process, we can ensure best practices.
Digestion and assimilation start in the mouth. Liquids and powders absorb much better than pills. Not to mention the sensory experience of tasting and smelling your superfoods! A better question might be why encapsulate a product when it creates added expense and the need for fillers and additives such as harmful flow agents? The few exceptions are hcl (which cannot safely be taken orally); our enzymes and probiotics, which do not contain flow agents; and chlorella tabs which are simply pressed together and may be chewed.
You won’t find expiration dates on our packaging. Since we use dry, non-perishable powders, they are expected to last 2-3 years on the shelf. However, we recommend using them within 1 year of opening. They won’t go bad, but may lose potency. Seal well and store a cool dark place like a cupboard. Avoid moisture, as this can damage the integrity of the products. Refrigeration is unnecessary.
No, but we offer bulk discounts on many items if you purchase 4 or more of a single item. Just look for the bulk pricing message on product pages to see if an item qualifies. If you place a quantity of 4 in your cart, the price per item will automatically drop by 10%.