Our Story

Our Labor of Love

Raw Revelations was founded in 2008 when our passion for superfoods led us to join a southern California farmers market. But our story began long before that. In 2004, Colin’s mom was diagnosed with leukemia. Colin had already been devoted to studying herbal medicine and superfoods, and together we helped her implement a nourishing diet and supplement regimen. The positive effect these foods had on her health was a revelation.


Heartened, we began creating more nutrient-rich mixes and products for friends and family, and the demand only grew!  In 2010 we welcomed our son. Our desire to provide him with the absolute best start in life influences how we formulate our products — everything we make is something we would feel comfortable giving to him.


For over a decade we’ve been listening to our community and their stories have strengthened our commitment to creating a one-stop shop for high-quality, needs-based supplements and superfoods. The face-to-face interaction with customers at our store, events, and farmers’ markets has provided us with invaluable feedback on the health needs of our community. This incredible feedback, combined with our devotion to family, has allowed us to create what we consider to be the very best supplements and superfoods available.

What's new at Raw Revelations?

If you're a long-time customer, you may have noticed a few changes around here. We've rebranded!  We're still the same family company selling the same great products. 


To meet our growing demands, we’ve moved into a new manufacturing facility in beautiful Idaho. Mirroring our optimistic outlook, we have refreshed our logo and packaging design and optimized our website for a better user experience. Transitioning our packaging will take some time as we still have some previous packaging left, and don't want it to go to waste. 

Our Promise

Even as we continue to grow and change, a few things will always remain the same. As co-founders, we take pride in maintaining 100% ownership of our company since day one and are continually working behind the scenes to improve our systems and products. No matter what changes over the years, we wanted to ensure you we're the same team focused on bringing you the best possible superfoods for a fair price since 2008.


The Team

Our staff has a deep knowledge of supplements and superfoods and is here to answer your questions personally. Several employees on our tight-knit team have been with us since the beginning and continue to make our business what it is today. Which ties into the core of what we stand for — creating individual and lasting connections with our customers. Thank you for being the most important part of our journey!



From our family to yours,

Colin + Marilyn

& The Raw Revelations Team

Impeccable Sourcing

We personally vet every single ingredient and source. Most other companies use a contract packager, trading oversight, and accountability for convenience.

Purity Testing

Every batch that comes in is tested for purity, and we send back anything that doesn’t meet our high standards. 

Small Batch In-House Production

We develop all our products in-house at our FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility to ensure the highest potency, quality, and healing benefit. Cutting out middlemen allows us to keep our prices fair and be 100% confident in everything we sell.

Quality Control

No additives and fillers is only the beginning. Our commitment to the cleanest, most effective ingredients is verified by objective third-party testing.


Dedicated Fulfillment

By managing fulfillment and shipping ourselves, we avoid our products being exposed to long term storage by high-volume distributors. That way, you get super-fresh products with a long shelf life.

Expert Customer Service

Our staff have deep knowledge of supplements and superfoods, and are here to answer questions personally. We help you determine the best products for your unique needs.