Beet Juice Powder 4oz.

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Blood Building Powerhouse

Beets may support blood production and healthy circulation. They are an exceptional food for athletes or anyone looking to boost energy levels or stamina. Beets are exceptionally rich in the methyl donor betaine, an essential detoxifying and nutrient assimilating agent. The red color comes from the unique group of phyto-nutrients called betalains. Made from heirloom organic beets grown in Germany, juiced, then freeze dried. Makes a delicious instant juice when added to water. Great used before a workout to enhance circulation due to its nitric oxide boosting qualities. 

Try combining with our Pea Protein or Aminos Plus before heavy lifting or a demanding activity where the long-term stamina is desired. 

This is hands down the highest quality beet product you will find on the market. You can eat it straight out of the bag. 

Usage:  1-3 tsp 1-2 times per day in water or favorite beverage.
Ingredients:  Organic Freeze-Dried Beet Juice. Contains a moisture absorber (do not eat)


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