He Shou Wu

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An anti-aging super tonic herb, He Shou Wu tonifies and nourishes the blood. May promote hair growth, memory, and a healthy nervous system.


Among the greatest known energy tonics
A longevity and Yin Essence (Jing) replenishing herb
May assist in the production of blood and fluid, and protect the liver
May enhance fertility, memory, and immune function

He Shou Wu (pronounced ho-show-woo) is among the greatest energy tonics known to mankind, due to its ability to tonify and nourish the blood. He Shou has long been considered an overall health tonic. According to legend, it can restore an aging person to his or her youthful years. In addition, He Shou Wu is a longevity and Yin Essence (Jing) replenishing herb of the highest order.

Research is now finding that He Shou Wu may support SOD (superoxide dismutase) production in the body. SOD is an antioxidant nutrient the body makes in order to protect our DNA. He Shou Wu is an anti-aging super tonic herb that may assist in the production of blood and fluid, protect the liver, enhance fertility, memory, and immune function, promote hair growth and reverse graying, and support a healthy mood and nervous system.

He Shou Wu builds our "functional reserve" which can help to build potential energy used for achieving, creating and healing. He Shou Wu was named after a man named Mr. He, who restored his vitality, youthful appearance, and dark, lustrous hair by using this herb. The name "He Shou Wu" translates to "black-haired Mr. He," symbolizing the herb's ability to promote hair health and combat premature graying. Our He Shou is prepared the traditional way by simmering in black beans to make it more digestible before its concentrated into a 16:1 extract. 

1/2 teaspoon (1gram), 1-2 times per day in water, tea, or other favorite beverage. Taste is mild enough to eat straight small amounts at a time. Yields 50 1g servings. 

16:1 Prepared He Shou Wu Extract. 

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