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We are offering a special release of our original colostrum in a generous bulk size bag. Same quality and source, this colostrum just does not have the liposomal coating.


  • May support a healthy immune system
  • May support oral and gut health, as well as an efficient metabolism
  • A2 protein and naturally low in lactose; most people with milk sensitivity can consume with no issues
  • May promote energy, stamina and strength
  • Top choice for anti-aging
  • Third party-verified and regularly lab tested for contaminants
  • Liposomal coating increases assimilation and dispersion in liquids

What Is Colostrum Powder?

Colostrum is produced by mammals for the first few hours before and after birth and is commonly referred to as “immune milk.” It is the first form of milk produced after birth that contains a rich blend of antibodies, antioxidants, and nutrients, over 700 constituents in total that naturally balance and rejuvenate the body. Colostrum may support immune system function, support oral and gut health, efficient metabolism, lean muscle mass, energy, and stamina. Bovine colostrum, the type of “immune milk” that cows produce, contains much more nutritional content and active biological compounds that are directly transferable to humans than any other mammal, including goats. It is easily absorbable and contains virtually every known nutrient necessary for mammalian health. 

Digestive health

Colostrum is designed to be the first food that enters the mammalian digestive tract and is armed with supporting prebiotics and soothing nutrient compounds that may help strengthen the gut lining and prepare it for optimal function. For more info on studies relating to gut health click here

Immune System

Research has shown that regular consumption of colostrum may support the thymus gland in particular, which produces white blood cells and T-cells. The primary function of T-cells is to destroy abnormal cell growth, invaders, or any other types of foreign bodies. The thymus gland is a critical part of the immune system and begins a rapid decline after puberty. At age 40, the thymus gland is typically only ten percent of its size at birth. For more info on studies relating to immune health click here

General Wellness and Longevity

After puberty, the body begins slowing down the production of the growth hormones necessary for optimal cellular regeneration. Colostrum’s growth factors and unique nutrients may stimulate this regeneration which can express itself in many ways from less achy joints to healthier skin.

Accelerated Healing

Colostrum contains epithelial (skin, gums, and gut) growth nutrients that may support accelerated healing.

What Makes Raw Revelations Colostrum Powder the Best?

This true 6-hour Colostrum is 3rd party-verified and ethically harvested (meaning the calves get their fair share first) from only approved grade A US dairies. The Colostrum is simply low-temperature spray-dried and never defatted. Our colostrum is regularly lab tested for contaminants such as pesticides and antibiotics. The cows have access to pasture when weather allows; they eat a nutritious diet consisting of fermented forage, hay, grass, straw, millet, and sorghum.

Why not Certified Organic?

Organic milk production only consists of 7% of the total milk produced in the US. While there are some organic dairies that contribute to the production of our colostrum, there simply isn't enough to make a steady supply of colostrum. 

Dairy concerns?

Colostrum is produced throughout the cow's body 4-6 weeks prior to giving birth, whereas the milk is made in the mammary gland and is designed for a different function entirely. Because of this, colostrum contains little lactose and the healthier A2 protein ratio.

How do you know the nutrients are retained during drying?

The drying process is kept below 130 F, which is very low. All bioactives tested have survived this processing temperature without compromise.

How Do You Use Colostrum Powder?

Mix 1 teaspoon or more into a smoothie or directly in the mouth for best absorption, up to 4 times a day. More can be used for athletic and regenerative needs. Mix colostrum with water to make a paste and use topically for a rejuvenating facial. Colostrum can also be packed into the gum before bed to support healthy gums.

Dried Bovine Colostrum

Important Constituents in our Colostrum

Our Colostrum contains a minimum of 25% IgG and .25% Lactoferrin.