Schisandra 250g


Schisandra Berry is revered by many herbalists as the most broad-spectrum tonic herb and we agree. This super berry yields all five flavors- sour, bitter, sweet, acrid, and salty.

Schisandra has a rich history of use by royal families of China. It is renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, radiant skin.  It is a powerful brain, memory, and sexual tonic.  It tonifies the kidneys, heart, lungs, spleen, and liver by supplying all 5 flavors. As a Shen tonic, it nurtures and calms the spirit.  Schisandra is a great addition to any cleanse or purification program as it may support liver function. As an energy tonic, it is excellent for supporting stamina.

Schisandra enters all 12 meridians and nurtures all 5 elements due to its unique therapeutic range.  A highly revered adaptogen for healthy stress response, Schisandra supports the entire body and all organs especially the liver, eyes, immunity, mood, brain, sexual function, and skin.

Our Schisandra is a proprietary blend of a 10:1 temperature-controlled water extract and fresh ground organic berries. Its aroma, taste, and potency is unmatched. It's vibrant pink color lets you know that the berries have not been overprocessed and oxidized like so many schisandra extracts on the market.

We offer our Schisandra Berry in a 250g size for a few reasons. Firstly, we have found that customers who use schisandra tend to stick with it and prefer a larger size. Second, due to the hydroscopic nature of the product, it must be hand-packed with a silica desiccant to prevent clumping. If you live in a humid climate, be sure to press any extra air out of the bag, make sure its well-sealed with the desiccant kept in the product, and you should have no issues. †


Schisandra is best enjoyed as a tea. Simply add ½ tsp to hot water, stir, and sweeten as desired. The taste is very unique and some enjoy simply but taking the powder straight on the tongue. It can also be added to any smoothie, shake, coffee, or blended drink of preference.
10:1 Schisandra Extract, Fresh-ground Schisandra Berries*.   *Organic