TMG (Betaine)

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Beet Derived Triple Methyl Donor

Trimethylglycine (Betaine or TMG) is an amazing addition to a nutritional program. Its main function is that of a methyl donor to provide the body with enhanced detoxification ability and energy production. TMG may also support SAMe levels by breaking down dangerous homocysteine into methionine for SAMe production. Most people do not make enough methyl groups such as TMG. The reason is often due to heavy metal toxicity, stress, infections, or other chronic disease. TMG consists of 3 methyl groups (CH3) joined to one molecule of the amino acid glycine. Methyl groups play a vital role in the health of the liver and kidneys. Glycine is important for collagen production, rest, and alertness. TMG may support the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Many people have a sympathetic (fight or flight) dominant nervous system where digestion and rejuvenation abilities are compromised.

Raw Revelations TMG is not synthetic origin like most TMG on the market. Our TMG is derived from non-GMO sugar beets grown in Europe.

Usage:  1/2-1 tsp 1-2 times per day in water or juice. Can be also added to spring water to revitalize and increase sweet taste.

Ingredients:  Pure Betaine 3000mg.

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