Coconut Milk Powder 12oz


Coconut is quickly regaining its well deserved recognition as a healing food. Its high saturated fat content is in the form of medium chain triglycerides which the body prefers as a clean burning energy source. Medium Chain Triglycerides are considered the only low calorie fat due of their thermogenic effect. MCT's may support energy, blood sugar and hormone balancing, brain health, immune system function, weight loss, and more.

This spray-dried milk powder is 65% coconut oil! Compare the fat content of this powder to store bought coconut milk and you will be surprised of how little actual coconut milk is used in the commercial varieties.

Usage: For Milk or Cream: Dissolve Coconut Milk Powder in hot, purified water. Use 2 – 8Tb per cup depending on desired richness. Blend for best results. OR: Add to smoothies, elixirs, soups, curries, and sprinkle on deserts, cereal, or eat right out of the bag!

Ingredients: Coconut milk, 2% Tapioca maltodextrin, and 1% Non-GMO Corn Starch. (The maltodextrin is present in the mix to give the oils something to form around to make the powder and the Corn Starch is necessary to help hold the oil in the powder with no separation.)

Keep stored at room temperature. Cold temperature may harden the powder. If this happens, it is still ok to use and will not affect quality.